Transform and commercialize ferrous and non-ferrous products

What we do

Run, transform and sell ferrous product and nonferrous under a sales plan promotion, framed within acceptable standards of quality and service; universally accepted, that is, we are always placed in the lowest levels quoted price in both, national and international markets. We place special emphasis on quality and proper name of the product, SURPLUS, not to locate within the steel scrap or byproduct, as it is called SURPLUS, which is to say that is the surplus that remains of the casting process in the electric steel mills of any steel in the world, so the quality of the melt is maintained.

José Manuel Mustafá
Presidente – INTRAFECA

Ferrous industry pioneers

Where do we carry out all activities related to the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous?

At INTRAFECA. We are a 100% Venezuelan company, based in Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar State; where all our equipment and human talent are available for our customers, and related projects. The land on which we perform our activity is the most suitable and in the best conditions to process the transformation the slag or surplus we commercialize, without affecting the community. We also have an office space where our technical support is located to assist our customers.

Materials we work with

Study of the chemical composition of ferrous material (2014)

Table 1. Methods of Analysis?

Parameters Methods
Preparation sample for metal analysis Fusion and digestion ISO 2598
Si content expressed as SiO ISO 2598
Carbon content by LECO ISO 9686
Sulfur content by LECO ISO 9686
Metals : Fe , Al, Ca , Mg, g N , Ni, Cr, V K , Mn , P and Ti by Inductive Coupled Plasma ( ICP ) SMWW 3120/ COVENIN 3566 / ASTM D 1976

Table 2. Chemical characterization of samples of ferrous material by total element

Parameter Result
Fe 96,83 % p/p
Al 0,46 % p/p
Mn 0,24 % p/p
P <0,001 % p/p
Ca 0,56 % p/p
Mg 0,11 % p/p
V <0,001 % p/p
Si <0,001 % p/p
Ti <0,001 % p/p
K <0,001 % p/p
Cr <0,001 % p/p
Ni <0,001 % p/p
Carbon Content, C 1,00 % p/p
Sulfur Content, S 0,018 % p/p

Table 3. Chemical characterization of Ferrous Material Samples, presenting metals as most common oxides

Parameter Result
Mn as manganese oxide 0,31 % p/p
MnO Al as aluminum oxide 0,86 % p/p
Al2O3 P as phosphorus oxide <0,001 % p/p
P2O5 Ca as calcium oxide 0,79 % p/p
CaO Mg as magnesium oxide 0,19 % p/p
MgO V as vanadium oxide <0,001 % p/p
V2O5 If as silicon oxide <0,001 % p/p
K como ?xido de Potasio,K2O <0,001 % p/p
K como ?xido de Potasio,K2O <0,001 % p/p
Cr as Cr2O3 <0,001 % p/p
Ni as NiO <0,001 % p/p
Fe total 96,83 % p/p
Carbon Content, C 1,00 % p/p
Sulfur Content, S 0,018 % p/p
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Chemical analysis and Byproducts

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Recents reports

Ferrous materials Chemical Analysis (2016)

Our Machinery and Equipment

Equipment Make Model
Crushing Circuit Eagle 33D5289
Crushing Equipment Power Screen Chieftain 600
Crushing Equipment Power Screen BLKK80
Hydraulic excavator Caterpillar 330BL
Front loader Caterpillar 980C
Front loader Caterpillar 980C
Backhoe Jhon Deere 310G
Front loader Caterpillar 972G
Hydraulic excavator Caterpillar 325 CL