Benefits of Automated Mining

Mining businesses the world over are quickly adopting the latest innovations in the world of automated mining technology in order to modernize their operations. For example, in Rio Tinto, Australia, four iron mines make use of 73 driverless trucks in order to mobilize the minerals all 24 hours of the day. Employees supervise the vehicles […]

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José Manuel Mustafá: Uso del hierro en la historia de la arquitectura

El hierro es un metal de transición que abunda en la corteza terrestre y que se encuentra de manera presente en la naturaleza, siendo el segundo más abundante después del aluminio. Este contiene propiedades magnéticas siendo uno de los elementos más utilizados en la industria de la construcción.

Este elemento fue uno de los más utilizados en la arquitectura mundial desde […]

Hazards When Manipulating Metals

Working in the steel industry is an extremely complex chore; hence, it demands a great professionalism and, above all, lots of mindfulness and follow-up of safety standards, inasmuch as, there are many hazards to which you can be exposed. For this reason, today we want to introduce you some of the most commonly hazards in […]

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Intrafeca Has Innovative Equipment for Ferrous Transformation

Intrafeca Chairman, José Manuel Mustafá Flores pointed out, that in order to accomplish the transformation of ferrous material into cut stones or fused material, it must have appropriated equipment which provides the best quality to the product.

For this reason, Intrafeca has:

Shredding Equipment Power Sreen Shieftain, model 600
Hydraulic Excavator Caterpillar, model 330 BL
Front […]

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Is Using Iron for Construction an Economically Sound Decision?

Iron is an important part of the history of humankind’s, maybe due to its abundance on the planet. Iron completely changed man’s life, made agriculture and commerce easier, and later did the same for both the industry and war.

Exploited since the first millennium A.D., iron allowed mankind to leave behind prehistoric technology, and start the […]

Why Is Iron Universal?

Iron is one of the most abundant and desirable metals in the planet, found even in the human body itself, provides a number of important health benefits – which is why it can be found in particularly large quantities in cereals, dried fruits and meat.

It is essential for humans, and can be found in a […]

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Iron, a Metal Desired for Its Value

Through metallurgy, metals can be found and worked. This is the branch that science, technology and art use to obtain industrial metals and minerals, starting from the mines, to help human kind.

First came copper, beaten and melted in the oven, to later be emptied in molds, permitting for the manufacturing of higher quality tools, in […]

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SOLIDARIDAD and GĚRENS Post-Graduate School Join Forces to Boost Small-Scale and Artisanal Mining in Perú

August 16 2018 saw the signing of a mutual cooperation agreement between Solidaridad and GĚRENS Post-Graduate School, with the aim of creating awareness of artisanal and small-scale mining (or MAPE, its Spanish acronym), as well as collaborating by providing relevant information and connecting different groups of interest.

Present during the act were Solidaridad’s Country Manager Ada […]

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