Benefits of Automated Mining

Mining businesses the world over are quickly adopting the latest innovations in the world of automated mining technology in order to modernize their operations. For example, in Rio Tinto, Australia, four iron mines make use of 73 driverless trucks in order to mobilize the minerals all 24 hours of the day. Employees supervise the vehicles […]

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Hazards When Manipulating Metals

Working in the steel industry is an extremely complex chore; hence, it demands a great professionalism and, above all, lots of mindfulness and follow-up of safety standards, inasmuch as, there are many hazards to which you can be exposed. For this reason, today we want to introduce you some of the most commonly hazards in […]

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Is Using Iron for Construction an Economically Sound Decision?

Iron is an important part of the history of humankind’s, maybe due to its abundance on the planet. Iron completely changed man’s life, made agriculture and commerce easier, and later did the same for both the industry and war.

Exploited since the first millennium A.D., iron allowed mankind to leave behind prehistoric technology, and start the […]

José Manuel Mustafá: What is The Relationship Between Fire and Iron?

During the Industrial Revolution, starting with gray iron and later with steel, the key elements in the construction of hanging bridges, steam ships, trains and their tracks, industrial machinery and building structures were born.

The twentieth century witnesses the new iron and steel work advances, present during the First World War, only increasing during the Second […]

José Manuel Mustafá: Extradosed Bridges

In today’s post we are going to talk about one of my favorite kind of bridges: extradosed bridges. It's not a common type of bridge. It is a mixture between cable-stayed and metal beam bridges built on the air and with a large variation of lights.

Let us talk about its origins. Then, we will move […]

IMPORTANT! Jos? Manuel Mustaf?: Gold in our Society

Gold?has been?important?not only since our days but it has had important ues throughout?history.?Know everything about gold in today's topic thanks to Jos? Manuel Mustaf?.

Gold?can be?useful?for more than just?buying?and?selling. There are many items today that are made of gold or?gold?parts. You may have noticed that computer can have?components?which are covered or made of gold.

That is a […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Why is Steel so Important?

Why is steel such an important metal in our society? Have you ever considered that question? Well, here there are some of the many potential answers.


It is a very high-priced material

This metal is a good one that many people owns in their homes and almost everyone would like getting. It is used for doing many […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Metals in your pc


Metals are materials that are in our daily basis activities and which you barely notice. However, you may want to know more about the topic and get deeper in the knowledge of the computer you are using right now.

Your computer?contains some of the following materials in different degrees:

Neodymium: this is on your hard drive which […]