Jose Manuel Mustafa: Is Iron as Important Today as It Was in Pre-Historic Times?

Iron is an important element of industry due to the fact that is one of the most-used hard metals, as well as the fact that pure iron can be used to create alloys such as steel, among others.

Iron is a transition metal, one of the most abundant in the earth’s cortex, found among the many […]

IMPORTANT! Jos? Manuel Mustaf?: Gold in our Society

Gold?has been?important?not only since our days but it has had important ues throughout?history.?Know everything about gold in today's topic thanks to Jos? Manuel Mustaf?.

Gold?can be?useful?for more than just?buying?and?selling. There are many items today that are made of gold or?gold?parts. You may have noticed that computer can have?components?which are covered or made of gold.

That is a […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Why is Steel so Important?

Why is steel such an important metal in our society? Have you ever considered that question? Well, here there are some of the many potential answers.


It is a very high-priced material

This metal is a good one that many people owns in their homes and almost everyone would like getting. It is used for doing many […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Metals in your pc


Metals are materials that are in our daily basis activities and which you barely notice. However, you may want to know more about the topic and get deeper in the knowledge of the computer you are using right now.

Your computer?contains some of the following materials in different degrees:

Neodymium: this is on your hard drive which […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Strongest Metal?

Have you ever wondered which one is the strongest metal out there? There are plenty but it would be great to know which one it is.

The answer could vary, however. Depending on what you want to do there are some materials that are better than others for each purpose.

The hardest of the metals out there […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Important Minerals You Should Consider

Many minerals around the USA and the planet are being used every day and you should learn more about them.

Brass: this well-known material is important and it is being used in many important items of our present. You may have heard of the brass family of musical instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, trombones and horns. […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Steelworks: Still Works For All Of Us!

Did you know that steel?work is something that still works for you? Yes, that is right, steel works are actually something that you could study because of the great experience you would get with it. Maybe it is too hard for some people to think that a career based on something industrial could be reachable. […]

[Jose Manuel Mustafa] Steel and Style: Impressive Steelworks

Steel?is one of the materials that has more importance in our days when it comes to creating a lot of items, structures, and different buildings.

Steel?works are definitely something that you should keep learning about since they are totally good for your own culture.

Consider that even something as common as a chair can come from steel […]