We are a trading company in the Steel market

Quienes Somos Intrafeca

About us

We are an effective, creative and honest commercial entity in the steel market. We promote, effectively, both domestic consumers and foreign investors who are interested in our product.

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What we do

Run, transform and sell ferrous and non-ferrous product under a sales promotion plan under acceptable standards of quality and service, within the lower levels of the price quoted.

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Our Commitment

Our fundamental commitment is the pursuit of business excellence with a dynamic approach, with both customers and with suppliers; we consider relationships with our customers and the treatment of them.

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  • jose-manuel-mustafa-flores-intrafeca

Intrafeca Has Innovative Equipment for Ferrous Transformation

Intrafeca Chairman, José Manuel Mustafá Flores pointed out, that in order to accomplish the transformation of ferrous material into cut stones or fused material, it must have appropriated equipment which […]

  • jose-manuel-mustafa-is-using-iron-for-construction-an-economically-sound-decision

Is Using Iron for Construction an Economically Sound Decision?

Iron is an important part of the history of humankind’s, maybe due to its abundance on the planet. Iron completely changed man’s life, made agriculture and commerce easier, and later […]

  • jose-manuel-mustafa-why-is-iron-universal

Why Is Iron Universal?

Iron is one of the most abundant and desirable metals in the planet, found even in the human body itself, provides a number of important health benefits – which is […]

  • jose-manuel-mustafa-iron-a-metal-desired-for-its-value

Iron, a Metal Desired for Its Value

Through metallurgy, metals can be found and worked. This is the branch that science, technology and art use to obtain industrial metals and minerals, starting from the mines, to help […]

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