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About us

We are an effective, creative and honest commercial entity within the steel market industry. We promote, in an effective manner to both, domestic consumers and foreign investors who are interested in our product. If we went to the first stage, the national market, the idea is to supply it, as a priority, with raw materials for construction and asphalting. Similarly, for the processing sector as the basis of endogenous development, with production efficiency and human talent, making the “scum non-ferrous” in stones of different grain sizes, suitable for construction, paving, among others, and processed in the processing plant Slag stone ground.

We meet, first of all, the request or demand of our customers, both domestic and international, under that scheme adequacy requirements, and setting price levels, so that is sustainable for the country and for product consumers.

Quienes Somos Intrafeca

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Our commitment

Our fundamental commitment is the pursuit of business excellence with a dynamic approach with our clients, as well as with suppliers. We emphasize our relations with our customers, their sincerity in the offers, etc., promoting every day a strategy, an increasingly better deliver our products, with guarantees of quality and service, with updated analysis and actual characteristics of the product. Showing its quality in all, its ensuring in the future trust market rallies mode, without prejudice of losing the service and, above all, attachment and respect for the law, preserving the environment and complying with the formalities, regulations and resolutions issued by the competent bodies that regulate the metallurgical field.

José Manuel Mustafá
Presidente – INTRAFECA